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Amanda Judge, Founder & Designer

AmandaAmanda Judge is the proud Founder & CEO of Faire Collection, which she started while interviewing rural Ecuadorian women for her master’s thesis on poverty reduction strategies. Amanda holds an M.A in Law and Diplomacy from The Fletcher School of Tufts University and a B.A. in Finance from Santa Clara University.

She is fascinated by development in South America and gave up a steady salary in the financial services industry to work in some of the most desolate areas of Central and South America on poverty reduction projects. Select projects include: Working with UNICEF on determining the pattern of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Nicaragua and isolating flaws in the country’s health reporting systems; Developing a micro-enterprise project for women knitters with FINCA Peru, both as a knitwear designer and as a business consultant.

Amanda is an innovative social entrepreneur, who is intent on showing that business acumen and social good are not mutually exclusive. She has been interviewed on TV networks, including Fox and CNN on the company’s triple bottom line of profits, poverty reduction, and planet. She is a regular attendee at CEO and social entrepreneur events such as OnCue and Summit Series, and was recently named a ‘Better Business Babe’ by Women’s Health Magazine (May, 2012). Amanda contributes a fresh perspective and raw sense of humor to any event, and frequently speaks on issues pertaining to poverty reduction and fashion brand building.

In her childhood, she designed her own clothes and started a rouge jewelry store out of her friend’s garage at the age of 12. To this day, her entrepreneurial spirit lives on and she still likes to make pretty things. More than anything, Amanda likes to come up with grand new ideas to make this world a little better for all.

Amanda currently resides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and can be contacted at amanda@shopfaire.com. Download Amanda’s full bio and speaking topics here.

Jessica Casper, Partner, Creative Director

JessicaJessica Casper is a Partner and the Creative Director at Faire Collection. With a background in both design and sales, she oversees all things design, and is predominantly responsible for the development of the Faire Collection’s “look and feel.” Currently, Jessica is working on refining the AC’s website as well as new accessories designs, and is looking forward to the team’s next trip to Ecuador to finalize the new collection.

Prior to joining the AC, Jessica served as the strategic alliances coordinator for AIGA, the professional association for design, a nonprofit organization, where she specialized in sponsorships and partnerships. While bringing her experience in sales and marketing to the team, design is her true passion. Jessica developed her passion for art and design at the University of Pennsylvania, from which she graduated with a B.A. in Visual Studies.

Jessica believes in the power of style and design as means of visually communicating concepts and expressing individuality. With the Faire Collection she has found a platform to exercise all of her creative outlets and in doing so help grow a socially responsible and artistically inspiring brand.

She can be contacted at jessica@shopfaire.com 

Bria Bergman, Partner, Director of Business Development and Private Label Designs

BriaBria Bergman is a Partner and the Director of Business Development and Private Label Designs. Previous to her position at the Faire Collection Bria worked in the non-profit sector, focusing on Latin America and Caribbean underserved communities domestically and internationally. Bria worked at the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) and served as Manager of Production & Marketing. Working at the HHF allowed her to gain experience managing an array of projects from social media campaigns, sponsorship development with Fortune 500 companies, media relations, and creating viable partnerships with other national non-profits along with the private sector. In tandem with her job at the Hispanic Heritage Foundation Bria has also worked for Voice of Haiti, Inc. and has traveled to Haiti numerous times to manage eco-friendly sanitation projects.

Bria’s passion for Latin America and the Caribbean is rooted in her studies at the University of Michigan, where she studied Latin America and Caribbean History and also from her experience studying at the University of Havana, in Havana, Cuba.

Bria can be contacted at bria@shopfaire.com 

Joy Bittner, Director of Ecuador Operations

BriaJoy Bittner is the Director of Ecuador Operations. Living in Quito, Joy oversees the Faire Collection Ecuador office coordinating both day-to-day activities and new initiatives. Joy brings to AC several years of hands-on experience leading development projects in rural communities throughout Latin America. Before joining the Faire Collection, she spent time in the Dominican Republic consulting for the Caribbean-wide Global Fund HIV project and coordinating community development projects the Community Service Alliance.

Previously, as the founder of the Public Health Brigades in Honduras, Joy led an innovative basic sanitation and hygiene program working with subsistence farmers. Spending significant time in their homes, she came to know both the strength and struggles of these families to adequately provide for their children. It is this experience that attracted her to AC, having seen first hand the critical need of providing economic opportunities that help families escape a life of poverty.

Joy holds a Masters in Social Work (MSW) from Fordham University in NYC. Joy also completed a specialization in non-profit management from the Universidad de San Andres in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Joy's passion for working with people is echoed in the words of Albert Einstein: "only a life lived for others is worthwhile."

Joy can be contacted at joy@shopfaire.com 

Richard Langford, Director of Sales

RichardRichard Langford is the Director of Sales at Faire Collection, a newly created Director position as of late 2013.

Coming from an extensive background in retail and wholesale apparel, Richard's expertise is sales , branding and product development. Richard has been involved in fashion-related businesses for several decades, witnessing dramatic changes in the industry, many of which were driven by philosophical and sociological movements within our society. Having seen various ideologies effect and change fashion, he believes the social enterprise movement to be paramount in creating spot-on fashion while resulting in immediate global philanthropic impact.

As an enthusiast of design and architecture from an early age, and eventually studying Public Speaking and Theater at the University of Texas-El Paso, Richard began his career in retail as a buyer/store manager for Union-Fashion Clothing Company in El Paso, Texas. Richard made the move to wholesale in 1980, joining Bidermann Industry's Jean Paul Germain Division as Vice President of Sales and then went on to hold executive positions at Daniel Hechter, Newport Blue, Ocean Pacific, Quiksilver, Levi, 'Energie, Miss Sixty and Generra. He worked in product development and merchandising for Duck Head Apparel, Cinnabar Traders, Sperry Top Sider and Pret-a-Style Brand Lab, and was a partner in two sales/branding showrooms in New York, representing collections from Ed Hardy, Z-Brand, Sperry Top Sider, Blue Marlin, 24Standard, Agave Denim, Novemb3r and Mia Zia.

Richard and his wife, Susan, live in New Canaan, CT. You can reach Richard at RL@shopfaire.com.

Anna Kallett, Boutique Sales Innovator

AnnaAnna Kallett is the Boutique Sales Innovator for Faire Collection. She manages AC's trade shows and works closely with hundreds of boutique accounts that span the globe. Anna has also traversed the globe in her own adventures abroad, which have led her to 26 countries and counting.

Anna graduated from UC Berkeley's Peace and Conflict Studies program in 2009, with an emphasis in Sustainable Development. After studying abroad in France, she spent over a year backpacking in Southeast Asia and India. Through her studies in Development policies and travels in developing countries, Anna’s passion for fair working conditions and traditional artisan handicrafts flourished into what it is today. She has since worked for prominent Fair Trade companies across the country, merchandising retail spaces and designing jewelry. She is thrilled to be part of the AC's innovative team.

Anna is a Northern California girl by heart, but loves the exciting pace of New York City. If she isn't traveling or working, you will likely find her at a yoga class, seeking out the best taco trucks in Brooklyn, or wearing very big earrings.

Anna can be contacted at anna@shopfaire.com

Meagan Cann, Account Executive

JaneMeagan Cann is the Account Executive at Faire Collection, where her focus is to partner and develop relationships with specialty shops in order to raise brand awareness, as well as increase overall sales growth.

Prior to joining Faire Collection, Meagan had been immersed in the accessories industry with experience working at Macy's Inc and Guess International Jewellery, where she gained a strong business mindset in product development, merchandising and trend analysis. After being involved in the development cycle with both domestic and international manufacturers in the industry, Meagan's passion shifted onward from mass production and into ethical and sustainable fashion. Taking on freelance projects, volunteering at fashion shows, writing for ethical fashion bloggers and designing her own jewelry line all afforded her an opportunity to shift her career focus to the sustainable fashion community.

Meagan is excited to be part of the Faire Collection team, working with a trend forward company with a powerful social mission. Here Meagan can fuse the "look good" and "do good" aspects of the fashion world together beautifully.

Meagan can be reached at meagan@shopfaire.com.

Sarah Parry, Warehouse and Quality Control Associate

JaneSarah began working for the Faire Collection in February of 2011 operating from our beautiful, historic warehouse located in central Massachusetts. As the Warehouse and Quality Control Associate, Sarah manages several operations at the warehouse including the shipping and receiving of AC product, warehouse storage and organization, cost management strategies related to shipping, and website maintenance. With a background in jewelry creation and design, Sarah has also been crucial player regarding the initiation of consistent and thorough quality control projects, and checks between our artisans and clients to ensure that every piece of jewelry that leaves the warehouse is perfect. She has become a go-to person to help with a variety of projects. With her ability to learn quickly and think on her feet, she has proven herself to be a great asset to the team.

Sarah is always excited for a new challenge, and is eager to watch her role transform and grow with Faire Collection.

Sarah has a BA in Business Management from Fitchburg State University and has always had a strong passion for jewelry and textile design.

Sarah can be contacted at sarah@shopfaire.com 

Dakotah Shore, Order Processing Associate

DakotahSince they were little girls, stringing beads together, Dakotah has been influenced by her older cousin’s (Amanda Judge, Founder and CEO) passion for jewelry and design. With a background in retail and marketing, Dakotah has a developed a keen eye for fashion, traveling with Amanda to Ecuador on initial buying tours, and serving as the original model for the AC website. She is passionate about the company’s fair trade mission, and is an artist in her own right, working as a painter and a potter in her spare time. She lives in central Massachusetts, and works out of her office adjoining the historic AC warehouse.

Dakotah can be contacted at dakotah@shopfaire.com 

Karin Yau, Marketing and Office Assistant

KarinKarin Yau is the Marketing and Office Assistant for the Faire Collection. Through fortuitous circumstances and hard work, she left her past as a project manager of a developmental psychology research lab at the University of Washington and joined the AC team in their mission of creating socially conscious and sustainable fashion.

Through her past experience working with disadvantaged populations in China as well as the US, Karin understands the importance of art as a form of expression, confidence building, and means of combating the devastating effects of poverty.

With a background in academic research and a passion for art and social justice, Karin uses her administrative and creative skills to assist Jessica in marketing duties and Bria in private label designs.

She is thrilled to be involved in both the design process as well as the administrative side of the company and is excited for the future of AC.

Karin can be contacted at karin@shopfaire.com 

Consuelo Yepez, Office Manager

ConsueloConsuelo is Faire Collection’s resource expert in Quito. She assists with quality control of AC's raw materials, including tagua, açaí and pambil. Her work involves everything from color verification and dye batch inspection to assisting in the transport of supplies and materials. She is also the office manager for AC's Quito office, taking care of any issues relating to facilities and supplies.

Ecuadorian by nationality, Consuelo has lived in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, for the last 18 years with her family. Prior to working with the Faire Collection, she was the secretary at a local social non-profit foundation. She enjoys working with the artisan community and especially loves supporting them in their creativity.

Consuelo can be contacted at consuelo@shopfaire.com 

Carolina Cornejo, Product Development Coordinator

CarolinaCarolina Cornejo is the Product Development Coordinator for Faire Collection in Ecuador. Carolina received her degree in Business Administration with a focus in Engineering from Universidad Viña del Mar in Chile. After graduation, she worked as the business administrator at Rubro Turistico y Comunitario for eight years in Ecuador and other Latin American countries. There, she collaborated with the Esquel Foundation, Fondo Populorum Progresum, the Department of Tourism of Ecuador, and the Railroad Companies of Ecuador.

After working in business administration, Carolina decided to pursue her passion for design. She has experience designing purses and shoes, and loves to use traditional Ecuadorian materials in creative new ways. Before working at Faire, Carolina won an award for her entrepreneurial efforts in design from the Department of Heritage of Ecuador. She has also pursued additional studies in Design and Pattern Making at the Servicio Ecuatoriano de Capacitación Profesional, CAPEIPI, and Instituto de Diseño in Buenos Aires.

In her spare time, Carolina is an avid knitter and works with her mom teaching Colombian immigrants how to knit and sell their products in artisan markets.

Carolina can be reached at carolina@theandeancollection.com.

Alejandra Elizabeth Subía Maldonado, Production Assistant

AlejandraAlejandra Subía is the Production Assistant for Faire Collection. Alejandra graduated from La Universidad Católica in Ibarra, Ecuador, where she studied Social Communication. She has experience in production as a Director in a textile factory working with local indigenous artisans, where she learned about the process of textile making and satisfying high standards of clients. For the past seven years, Alejandra worked in the graphic design industry, directing and overseeing quality control operations, sales, and maintaining client relationships at Dikapsa, a graphics printing company located in Otavalo, Ecuador.

At Faire Collection, in addition to her role as Production Assistant, Alejandra also oversees Faire Collection's Otavalo workshop, where she works with a keen eye for quality control.

She is happy to join the international Faire Collection family and is proud to work for a company that has a social platform to improve the lives of the artisans.

Alejandra can be reached at Alejandra@theandeancollection.com.