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Beginning in 2019, as part of our fair trade commitment, a percentage of all sales is given back directly to the artisans as a community impact fund. Each workshop meets to discuss how they would like to spend the fund, and together they vote on how the fund should be spent without input from management.

This year in Vietnam, the artisans decided that education costs were one of the most important issues within the community, and so voted to award scholarships to any artisan who was studying for a university degree or to any parents trying to put their children through school. They also decided to give a portion of the fund to one of our artisans who has a son with additional needs, allowing his family to access essential medical services for their son, which would have otherwise not been possible.

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At Faire we treat all our artisans as valuable members of our team and invest in them for the long term. Our vision is to empower artisans out of a cycle of generational poverty by offering jobs, business opportunities and training, rather than charity.

We partner with our artisans to create a stable work environment in which we provide long-term commitments. Artisans, administrative staff and management are all formally employed. We provide a dignified and guaranteed base salary and robust benefits, including paid vacation and maternity leave, full health insurance, interest free loans, holiday bonuses and in Ecuador, double salary during August & December. In Ecuador, employees also pay into the social security system and therefore receive retirement benefits. Also, each year our staff in Ecuador receive a 10% share of the workshop profits. We bring our core values to our terms of employment, so our artisans can feel valued and respected at work.