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At Faire we create ethical jewelry, handcrafted by talented artisans around the world. With the spirit and passion of our makers captured in our modern designs, we are proud to bring you jewelry which reflects our commitment to sustainable practices, beautiful craftsmanship and above all, fair trade.

From delicate to statement, each one of our creations is handcrafted with pride. Through dignified job opportunities our artisans can lift themselves out of poverty, doing something they love.

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The changes I have witnessed in the last decade are simply remarkable. In cultures where women often have few opportunities outside of the home, I have seen mothers become the family breadwinner, empowering women to new heights.

Amanda Judge, Founder of Faire Collection.

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The original inspiration for Faire Collection came from Ecuador, home to some of the most beautiful cultural craftsmanship in the world. Currently we work with artisans in both Ecuador and Vietnam, who have been using natural materials to craft jewelry for centuries. We work together to find the very best quality materials for our collections, all of which are sourced with care and handcrafted with pride.



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Making jewelry helps me to de-stress and when I concentrate on making a necklace, I can relax because I know my family will have the money we need each month.
— Maria, Ecuador
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We work together as a team and I have learned so much from my peers. I take great pride in knowing that the work we do is done well.
— Sarita, Ecuador
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My biggest wish is for people to appreciate all that has gone into creating each and every one of Faire’s handmade collections. It’s made with so much love… and we want you to know that.
— Marisela, Ecuador



Modern jewelry with the heart and soul of traditional artisan craftmanship.

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Be Faire, wear Faire, live Faire.

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